Wanut Fudge Cookies! (Alternate for Store Bought Cookies)

Walnut Fudge

 1 cup walnuts

1 cup raisins

1/4 tsp. sea salt

Using a food processor, process the ingrediantes until you see the batter start to ball up. Shape the cookies whatever way you want.

Tip- refridgerate for 20-30 minute so the cookie can harden (But only if you want to)

The cookies would last for a weeking in the refridgerator.


 Now you can enjoy cookies that are full of nutrients, instead of those preservative filled, possibly GMO sugar filled, fatty, and who knows what else filled cookies from the store!

I hope that you love all these recipes!


About simplyrawgirl

I am a certified Level 3 Raw Chef from Creative Health Institute who love food and life. I run and swim whenever I can and love to share my experiances with the world. My mom is the founder of Living Food Banquet and is a Master Chef!
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