GMO 101

Hi everyone! Here is some info I compiled about GMO’s! This is one VERY SERIOUS matter that I will talk about! It is so important that we do something about this as a country. I hope that as more people found out about this, the more we can do to stop this!

Say No To GMO!!!!!


GMO’s are organisms that have been injected with foreign DNA, like bacteria, viruses, and other animal DNA (even human!). Some are injected with “Round Up” (a pesticide). There are two kinds of GMO plants, the poison drinkers and poison producers. The poison drinkers are not effected by pesticides like Round up. So when the spray is applied to the fields, only the weeds die, not the crops. The other kind, poison producers, produce a poison so when insects eat the plant, their insides explode and they die! How scary is that! If that happens to plants and insects then what in the world is happening in us?!

Our government doesn’t even make the food companies label if they are GMO or not! Because if they did people would not want to eat their products! Ever since people could patent life, people have been coming up with GMO corn, soy, canola (there is not such plant!), some zucchini and squash, cotton, sugar beet, and papaya (from Hawaii it’s 100% GMO). Animals (like ducks and geese and pigs) when given a choice between GMO and non GMO crops, would not even touch the GMO crops! GMO have caused infertility, smaller babies, discoloration of the genitals, and illness when fed to rats! Our bodies can’t even recognize these foreign substances! So why is it fed to us?! Imagine! think of all of the products made from corn (oils, syrup), cotton (oil, clothes), soy (lethsin, and other obscure names), and canola (I repeat not even a plant!). They’re everywhere! Chips, crackers, in our meats and dairy (fed to cows and other poor abused animals), snacks, candy, and even our clothes, make-up, and body products! Our skin can absorb them too (they are our largest organ). Say no to GMO’s. They are something to worry about!

Also imagine all of the poor animals needed for testing! I got this information (which is only a small fraction to what I should be telling you!) from “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffrey Smith. Please read our research more about GMO’s!

(PS There is also cloned meat for sale now, and it is NOT labeled!)


Please take this advise seriously. I care about the world, its animals, and its population. I want everyone to live happily and healthy.  


About simplyrawgirl

I am a certified Level 3 Raw Chef from Creative Health Institute who love food and life. I run and swim whenever I can and love to share my experiances with the world. My mom is the founder of Living Food Banquet and is a Master Chef!
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