Genetic Pollution

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are organisms with foreign DNA injected into them during a process called genetic engineering. These organisms altered by genetic engineering can range from animals to crops. As stressed in my last article (“Genetically Modified Organisms- Stuff From Science Fiction”), GMOs are a huge environmental and worldwide health hazard for several reasons. One of those reasons is because of the cross pollination, or genetic pollution, between GMO crops and natural, non-GMO crops.  GMO crops like cotton, corn, canola, sugar beets, and alfalfa have been found to contaminate many organic and non-GMO crop fields. Jeffrey Smith of Institute for Responsible Technology stated in a video concerning GMO cross contamination that

 “[GMO pollution causes] intense, insidious environmental degradation that may never be able to be cleaned up. And just like the oilspill, you can trace it back to government incompetence and collusion, and industry manipulation — putting out technologies that are not safe long before the science is ready. What about the self-propagating genetic pollution? Once it gets out, it then spreads, and cross pollinates… it becomes a self-propagating pollution that could outlast the effects of global warming or nuclear waste. This is an impossible thing to clean up, and we are bequeathing to all future generations the folly of this generation. Never before have we fed the products of an infant science to the entire population, or released it into the environment without a way to fully recall it. So we need to cap the gene spill. Put it back in the laboratory where it belongs. Maybe someday we can predictably and safely manipulate the DNA of plants and know what its impacts will be in the environment and in our bodies, but that day is far away.” (

(To see full video click on this link

Genetic pollution between GMOs crops and their natural non-GMO counterparts is a VERY SERIOUS issue. This type of pollution CANNOT be cleaned up or recalled and is constantly spreading via animals, insects, water, and wind. The world is exposed to many different types of pollution, but genetic pollution from GMO crops is proving to be the most devastating and dangerous of them all. If GMO crops are further introduced to the world as a “reliable” food source, then we will soon see the day when there are no longer any natural, wild, non-GMO plants.

To stop GMO cross contamination please contact you state representatives and senators to express your concern about the approval of GMO crops. Also support Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology by demanding GMO labels on products and demanding GMOs to be banned from being grown within the United States.



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