Protest the Abuse of Animals- Animal Rights!!

I am a vegan and I love all animals. Personally I think it is wrong and cruel. But I know if I was in a survival situation, I would have to resort to eat meat. But I know many people who dearly love their meat. ( My dad and brother do) I am against all animal testing and the way animals are treated when killed for meat. It is very hard for me to even write about the horrors these poor beloved animals endure when being viciously raised for food. People don’t even know how these animals are raised to be butchered. The way animals are raised and killed is almost like a factory. From “Eating” (cried when I watched that documentary), It said the pigs were lowered squealing into boiling pots of water. In “Food Inc“, cows were being dragged by their legs to be butchered because they were so sick and weak to move. Also some farmers force these animals to eat their own dead! If you watch these videos or even look up any thing about animal abuse in farms or meat packing corporations, you will have nightmares. (I did) I am saying the way we are killing animals for food now is bad. It’s inhumane, terrible, and cruel.

This is a very emotional topic for me. I thought like this. If I am willing to eat meat from a cow, will I be willing to eat meat from my dog? I personally can’t even fathom it. However I do support, if you are a meat eater, a humanely raised and killed, grass fed, and no hormone or steroid injected meat. Local butchers and health food stores are your best bet if you want to have healthy meat.


About simplyrawgirl

I am a certified Level 3 Raw Chef from Creative Health Institute who love food and life. I run and swim whenever I can and love to share my experiances with the world. My mom is the founder of Living Food Banquet and is a Master Chef!
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