Healthy Lunches For the Children!

I attended a brick and mortar school all my life, (except this year) and the school lunches served was so astonishingly terrible, both in taste and nutrition, no matter where I went. It is hard for me to believe that schools who are supposed to be the role models for these children and teach them to eat healthy and right are not doing so. One would think that they would take the responsibility to even try to feed children the right foods. When I attended high school, the cafeteria serves pizza, french fries, and cheese sticks every day. Also they had a stand filled with chips, candy, and sweets. It appalls me to see children have to chose between such a nutritionally poor and toxic foods. Though they did serve small salads and fruit, it wasn’t the highlight of the meal. Schools teach health as part of the curriculum, but they don’t give students the proper choices to eat healthy for lunch. If a child wanted to eat healthy, then he would have to bring food from home. How crazy is that! Some schools may say, “Well, students won’t eat that kind of foods.” Then you say, “It is you responsibility to teach them right from wrong. A child may not like to brush his teeth, but you make him do it anyway because it is good for his health and hygiene. You need to man up and slowly convert them to eat healthier. That is your responsibility as a school, as parents, as citizens!”

Personally, I find that it is not only the schools’ fault but also the government. They do not provide the schools enough money to pay for healthy foods, even if they want to. We are passively letting our children consume harmful preservatives, carcinogens, toxic pesticides and herbicides, and artery clogging fat. No wonder children act aggressively, get depressed, become obese, and develop heart disease and diabetes!

So go to any of the websites below and push for better school lunches for children. Demand reform so that you can see your children grow healthy and strong! I want to see my friends when I am old and wrinkly, That’s why I am posting this message, so that parents, sons, daughters, and friends can all grow old together without ailments and suffering.

Here are some websites to view-

Two Angry Moms

Healthy School Lunches

Healthy Schools Program

Recipes for Lunchboxes

 Also watch and support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

Sign petitions, talk to others about this issue, talk to your school principles, or talk to your representatives for reforms. You were given the right to speak, write, and know by our Constitution and the Higher Power. Use these rights and save our children, save our future. We have the power to stand against the wrong and unjust. So stand up and make a stand! I am a passionate 16 year old who is willing to stand up for my friends and families. Parents, can you do the same for your beloved children?

Tip- Buy lunch boxes (not paper bags), you can always reuse them and lessen your carbon footprint.

They’re very cheap too and last forever!


About simplyrawgirl

I am a certified Level 3 Raw Chef from Creative Health Institute who love food and life. I run and swim whenever I can and love to share my experiances with the world. My mom is the founder of Living Food Banquet and is a Master Chef!
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