Thanksgiving Meal- Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving and Stay Healthy at the Same Time

I know this sounds impossible. With all of the delicious smells and the sight of the dripping, juicy turkey accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, it can all be too much to resist. Also, who wants to risk ruining their century old traditions? These traditions are what make Thanksgiving what it is for your family.

But never fear, for when there is a will there is a way! Here is the way you can stay healthy during Thanksgiving without compromising taste or tradition.

1. Think out of the box. Not every Thanksgiving meal needs a roasted turkey or ham to complete the table. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, not turkeys or hams. So if you want to be unique, create a new dish that is both healthy and delicious to complete your table. This can include just all fresh vegan dishes or raw pates, or a humongous salad that is covered in beautiful toppings and sweet dressings. (Now wouldn’t that make a beautiful center piece!)

2. Substitute. Not everything has to be exactly the way everyone makes it. Instead of making creamy mashed potatoes with fatty gravy and butter, you can make a healthy mashed parsnips or cauliflower and skip the butter and gravy. Replace traditional stuffing with chopped sautéed veggies. For buns, make plain rye buns instead of white buttery one. Instead of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, find an awesome raw or vegan pumpkin pie and make it! See! There is so much you can do to make Thanksgiving healthy without missing out on awesome flavors.

3. Be Better than Traditional. If you simply cannot fathom Thanksgiving without stuffed turkey or gravy but still wish to somehow make healthy dishes, then don’t worry. There are many ways you can be healthy with turkey and gravy. You can buy organic, cage-free, no antibiotics turkey and cook that. You can make mashed potatoes but leave the cream and butter in the refrigerator. Bake some whole wheat buns and serve those. Pumpkin pie can be very delicious without the extra whipped cream. You can keep the tradition going, but by making small tweaks in your dishes, you can make your meal so much healthier for you and the whole family.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


About simplyrawgirl

I am a certified Level 3 Raw Chef from Creative Health Institute who love food and life. I run and swim whenever I can and love to share my experiances with the world. My mom is the founder of Living Food Banquet and is a Master Chef!
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