Going Green Around the World in Business and Residential

Hi everyone!! Today I am featuring an article written by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value. The article is very informative and  fun to read! Thank you Sam!!!

Going Green Around the World in Business and Residential


Most homes today incorporate recycling as part of their daily routine, but businesses have also begun recycling to eliminate waste that goes to landfills. On a commercial level, tons of waste can be deposited into landfills daily. For that reason, it’s imperative that businesses and homeowners learn from one another. There is a lot of new green technology, but most of all, there’s technology that has become streamlined for commercial use in recent years. It has made solar panels more affordable and even created lots of household products and appliances that aid in green living.

Both businesses and homeowners have precious lawns and gardens that they want to keep green and fertile. However, some don’t realize the harmful effects of using traditional sprinklers and pesticides. One hotel has changed the way that they keep their landscapes green. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort installed artificial turf grass for certain outdoor areas around the hotel. In addition, the hotel uses moisture sensors and drip irrigation systems to cut down on water waste. Overall, the Palazzo saves eight million gallons of water every year. Due to its sustainable practices, the Palazzo was recently named the “Most Eco Friendly Hotel in America”.


For residential use, drip irrigation systems haven’t always been popular. However, this is the best way to water lawns and gardens as sprinklers and hoses are incredibly wasteful. In addition, you can also reuse graywater from showers and washers to water gardens.


Natural light is one of the key factors to living green. While some people have taken to installing solar panel shingles that create a sustainable power source, other homeowners have remodeled to include outdoor decks and sunrooms that provide a naturally lit area to relax. Businesses have also utilized these ideas for natural light areas. They’ve installed skylights, big windows, sunrooms, outdoor living areas and much more. In addition, they have also created solar heated pool systems for hotels to cut down on energy costs. By installing natural lights and building naturally lit areas, you really cut down on energy usage throughout the year.

There is so much more we can do besides recycling and “up cycling”. While so many businesses and homeowners have changed their lifestyles to be greener, there are still a lot of corporations out there that aren’t conducting responsible eco-friendly business practices. It’s imperative that humans change the way that they live, much like the new Las Vegas hotels are changing, in order to save the planet from the destruction. Hopefully, some of these ideas can help in your own business or at home.




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