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Being Eco-Friendly and Cheap by Buying Secondhand Clothes

Confession. Apart from buying food,  I am a cheapo. Especially when it comes to buying clothes. I simply cannot bring myself to buy a piece of cloth that costs over $10, regardless of the name printed on the tags. Thankfully, there are … Continue reading

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My Posts on Environment About

I write for another blog called Environment About. I write about the environmental problems we face as a nation and how to save our planet earth. I haven’t written that many posts yet but I am getting there! 🙂 I … Continue reading

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Save the World by Recycling

Here are some reasons why you should recycle: 1.  Pollution affects everyone. You, me, the earth, water, and air. 2. Pollution can kill and harm you, animals, and your food and water supply. 3. It’s not hard to recycle. 4. No guilty … Continue reading

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Lemon Cleaning Solution- Clean Your House While Being Green!

I have found out a way to make homemade cleaning solution. All you need is lemon and orange peels, water, vinegar, and a container. You just put the peels in the container, fill the container with water, and add about … Continue reading

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